IV U-12 Baseball World Cup

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IV U-12 Baseball World Cup - Official Payoff

USA’s Caranto named MVP as All-World Team announced for WBSC U-12 Baseball World Cup 2017


The medal teams also had their players take away almost all of the indivual awards and the spots in the All World Team of the U-12 Baseball World Cup. The only exceptions are represented by one award going to Japan and one position in the All World Team filled by a player from Panama.

Kai Caranto of the United States was named the tournament Most Valuable Player (MVP). These are the other individual awards: Leading hitter Toi (Japan); Best pitcher Chao Chia Cheng (Chinese Taipei); Pitcher with best won-loss average Hernandez (Mexico); Most runs batted in Tirado (Mexico); Most Home Runs Atomanczyk (USA); Most stolen bases Burnes (USA); outstanding defensive player Pai Chen An (Chinese Taipei)

Caranto is also the shortstop for the All World Team. These are the players at other positions: Starting Pitcher Chao Cha Cheng (Chinese Taipei); Relief pitcher Joshua Atomanczyk (USA); Catcher Pai Chen An (Chinese Taipei); First Baseman Velazquez (USA); Second Baseman Monjaras (Mexico); Third Baseman Lee Chanseo (Korea); Outfielders Adan Sanchez (Panama), Tirado (Mexico), Toi (Japan).