26/07/2019 - 04/08/2019

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V U-12 Baseball World Cup 2019 - Official Payoff

Kuo Chen An goes the distance, Chinese Taipei outscores Mexico

Kuo Chen An goes the distance, Chinese Taipei outscores Mexico

It was a pitching duel for three innings, then Mexico’s Adrian Falcon lost his command and Chinese Taipei made him pay. The hosts have now improved their record to 3-1 and have a shot at the World Championship game

Chinese Taipei defeated Mexico, 11-1, to improve its record to 3-1 and make one more step towards Sunday’s World Championship game. Starter Kuo Chen An went the distance.

Kuo Chen An

Kuo Chen An dominated Mexico

The match started with a two-hour delay due to a tropical storm that hit Tainan around 3 pm-
Chinese Taipei and Mexico battled in a pitching duel between Kuo Chen An and Adrian Falcon for three innings. Both pitchers enjoyed strong support by defensive plays, with Mexico manufacturing two double plays and Chinese Taipei putting together one.
The hosts took the lead in the bottom of the third without getting a hit. Second baseman Wu Yi Rui walked, stole second and advanced all the way to the home plate on a couple of throwing errors.

Mexico tied it on the second hit that Kuo allowed. In the top of the fourth, right fielder Roberto Beaven looked at one strike and homered to left field on the second.

The tie didn’t last long. Falcon allowed two walks and hit two batters. Chinese Taipei made him pay with a two-RBI single to opposite field by second baseman Wu Yi Rui.
Mexico delayed the call to the bullpen, but also after Beaven first and then Uriel Torres took the mound, Mexico found no way to stop Chinese Taipei. At the end of the frame, after 14 at-bats, the score was 10-1.

Chinese Taipei scored one more run on a base hit by centre fielder Chiang Tsung Chun and extended the lead to ten runs in the bottom of the fifth, enough to call it a game.